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Mercer is a leader in its commitment to sound environmental stewardship, critical in today's forest products industry. Effective production with environmental conservation and protection are essential parts of our operating strategy. Mercer is committed to conducting its operations and developing products with minimal environmental impact. The most stringent standards have governed our planning and operations, and we consistently demonstrate a track record that is within or surpasses air and effluent emission standards, energy conservation and "green" power production.

Efficiency is a Key Element in Mercer's Strategy.

Our strategic focus on maximizing energy recovery stems from the fact that pulp mills are the most efficient facilities for extracting energy from wood: we can take advantage of cogeneration to utilize all the heat that is typically wasted by a standalone biomass power plant. In addition, we extract the maximum value from the wood fiber resource, taking the best part of the fiber for pulp and using the rest for energy production. This strategy positions us well for the future, as we expect global energy prices to remain high, increasing both the value of the energy we recover from the wood fiber and our ability to offset the price competition for that fiber from alternative energy producers. Mercer's overall strategic position is to focus on assets that provide efficient utilization of the wood fiber and maximize energy recovery. Our investment in Stendal's new hot black liquor accumulator is a typical example: it is one of the key components needed to increase the mill's annual production capacity from 620,000 tonnes to 650,000 tonnes and beyond.

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